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The Metropolitan area of London has 6 airports: Luton, Gatwick, City, Heathrow, Stansted and Southend. Here on Utiket you can find the cheapest flights to all airports in London.

Before you book a flight you can use Utiket to find the cheapest flights to London for British Airways, easyJet, Flybe, Virgin Atlantic, BA Cityflyer, BMI Regional.All flight data are real-time and accurate. Follow the links to search and book your cheap ticket to London directly with the airline or one of our partnering travel agents.

Airport information London

Airport info Airport information Luton London (LTN)

London Luton Airport is an international airport located about 50 km north of London. Luton is mainly used as a low-cost airport and is a base for EasyUet, Ryanair, Wizz air and Monarch with most of the flights to destinations in Europe. The airport is with close to 15 million passengers a year the fifth busiest airport in the United Kingdom.

The airport was opened in 1938 as a base for the Royal Air Force but was transferred to civilian use after the war. It was used mainly used for charter flights and executive jets for many years and really started to grow in the 2000s when it was re-marketed as a low-cost airport with "close" proximity to London.

Luton Airport has one runway and one passenger terminal: a two-storey building which has been expanded during the years several time. On the ground floor are the check-in desks and arrivals facilities while the departure lounges are on the upper floor.

Weekly 28 flights depart from Luton.

There are 4 airlines flying to Luton every week.

Cheap flights Luton - London

Airport info Airport information Gatwick London (LGW)

The Gatwick Airport or also known as London Gatwick is a large international airport about 50 km south of London. With over 40 million passengers a year it is the second busiest airport in the UK, after Heathrow and in the top ten of busiest airports in Europe. Gatwick is also one of the busiest airports in the world with only one runway.

London Gatwick Airport has two terminals. The South Terminal, which opened in 1958 with a then revolutionary design of using enclosed piers and North Terminal which opened in the 1980s. Since then a few enlargements have been carried out, mostly new piers to allow for the increase in passengers. Since January 2017 the North Terminal is used for all EasyJet flights while the South Terminal is used for British Airways and Virgin Atlantic flights. Both terminals are connected by a 1.2 km long elevated, automated, mono-rail shuttle train.

Weekly 111 flights depart from Gatwick.

There are 21 airlines flying to Gatwick every week.

Cheap flights Gatwick - London

Airport info Airport information City London (LCY)

Weekly 86 flights depart from City.

There are 22 airlines flying to City every week.

Cheap flights City - London

Airport info Airport information Heathrow London (LHR)

Heathrow Airport is the largest of the six airports around London and is with nearly 80 million passengers a year in the top ten of the busiest airports in the world. Heathrow is the base for British Airways and Virgin Atlantic and is located about 23 km west of central London.

The history of Heathrow Airport dates back to 1929, in which year a small airport was opened near the hamlet of Heathrow, which name it got many years later. The airport was expanded in the Second World War, originally with the idea of using it for military long-haul flights to the Far East, but by the time the construction was completed, the war was over. After the war, the airport received a civil aviation destination and opened in 1946 as London Airport. The name Heathrow Airport was given in 1966.

In the 1950s Heathrow had six (short) runways in the form of a hexagram. With the advent of jet engines it became necessary to extend it. Only two of the original six have been extended and are still in use. On aerial photographs, the old structure is still visible, with the four unused lanes now being used as taxiways.

Heathrow has four terminals, numbered 2 through 5. The old Terminal 1 closed in 2015 and will be merged with Terminal 2. The newest Terminal 5 opened in 2008 at a cost of 4.3 billion pounds. This new terminal is used by British Airways and Iberia; terminal 2 by Star Alliance companies, Terminal 3 by OneWorld and Terminal 4 by Skyteam.

Weekly 158 flights depart from Heathrow.

There are 32 airlines flying to Heathrow every week.

Cheap flights Heathrow - London

Airport info Airport information Stansted London (STN)

London Stansted Airport is one of the airports serving London, located 55 km northeast of central London near the village Stansted Mountfitchet. London Stansted is an international airport and a base of several low-cost airlines including Ryanair which serves 130 destinations from Stansted. The growth of the low-cost airlines have made Stansted the fourth busiest airport in the country, with 24 million passengers a year.

Stansted was opened in 1943 as a simple airfield for the Royal Air Force and was changed to a civilian airport after the war, in 1949, but traffic remained limited to charter flights. Only after the British Government decided to transform Stansted into London's third airport that growth took off. The current, modern, terminal building was constructed in the late 1980's at a cost of 100 million pounds and upgraded again in 2008. The main terminal does not have any gates, these are in three separate satellite buildings reachable by walkway or automated transit system. At the main terminal the Departures are at the back left, Arrivals at the back right after entry while Check-in and shops in the middle.

Weekly 34 flights depart from Stansted.

There are 7 airlines flying to Stansted every week.

Cheap flights Stansted - London

Airport info Airport information Southend London (SEN)

Weekly 2 flights depart from Southend.

There are 2 airlines flying to Southend every week.

Cheap flights Southend - London

Airlines flying to London

BA British Airways 728 108
CJ BA CityFlyer 166 15
U2 easyJet 121 26
VY Vueling 60 4
EI Aer Lingus 57 5
FR Ryanair 43 10
UA United Airlines 41 4
VS Virgin Atlantic 35 14
BE Flybe 35 7
WX CityJet 35 3
WA KLM Cityhopper 29 1
LH Lufthansa 25 4
IB Iberia Airlines 25 1
QR Qatar Airways 25 1
AY Finnair 23 5
KL KLM 22 1
4U Germanwings 20 7
SQ Singapore Airlines 19 1
EK Emirates 18 1
SK SAS Scandinavian Airlines 17 3
2L Helvetic Airways 17 2
CT Alitalia Cityliner 15 2
TP TAP Portugal 15 2
AA American Airlines 14 3
LX Swiss International Air Lines 13 2