Alor Island

Alor Island, Indonesia

Alor Island


Alor island is one of dozens of islands in East Nusa Tenggara Province with beautiful scenery, especially if you are prepared to go under water. The beauty of Alor Island is well known and considered the second best in the world after the Caribbean. The rich sea life is a result from the conjunction of northern warm seawater from the Flores Sea with Australian cold water which makes this an ideal habitat for sea creatures.

There are at least 60 diving spots around Alor island, 20 of them are world class diving spots. Those spots are known as Baruna's Dive Spots at Alor. These spots around Alor have attracted many divers already from all over the world. Somebody even wrote a book about it.

You can dive, snorkel or play with sunfish, (the heaviest bony fish in the world with an adult weight of around 1000 kilogram). You can also see dolphins which will play along with you. The water in this area is very clear so you are able to sea everything clearly.

Transport options transport

From Kupang you can take a flight to Alor Airport by Transnusa Airline or Merpati for the 50 minutes flight or you can take a ferry from Kupang to Alor. This ferry is only available twice a week. The ticket price is IDR 75,000 per person, way cheaper than flying but the trip takes about 18 hours.

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Alor Island Travel Guide

Alor Island is included into Nusa Tenggara Timur Province and one of many beautiful islands in Indonesia. Alor Island itself is one territory under Alor district. Even though this island is not as famous as Bali or Lombok, Alor Island is as beautiful as they are. Its exotic beach and colorful underwater view make this island is known by many other countries. The sea-garden in Alor is believed to be the second most beautiful sea-garden in the world after one belongs to the Caribbean.

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