Rana Lake

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Rana Lake


Lake Rana is the biggest lake in Maluku Province, located in the inland of Buru Island, the second-biggest island in Maluku. Located in Air Buaya sub-district, 63 km away from the heart of the city and at 700 meters above sea level.

This lake is believed sacred by local people of Buru Island. This lake has calm and clean water with many lotuses on it. You can enjoy scenery around Lake Rana using a boat rented by some local people. To be able to use the boat, you’ll be charged IDR 100,000 to get you around accompanied by one local person as your guide.

Beside going around, you can also visit local people settlement in Wamamboli village, Kaktuan, Erdafa, Waimite, Wagrahi and Waireman.

Transport options transport

The first route :

From Namlea City, use a speedboat heading to Tifu village, Leksula sub-district for about 5 hours. Then you continue using truck heading to Waelo village which is 40 km away. From this village, you’ll have to start your adventure to get to Lake Rana you can only get by going on foot for about 6 hours. Along the way, you will pass through settlement of original people of Buru Island.

The second route :

Using a car heading to Wamlana village, Air Buaya sub-district which is 80 km away from Namlea City. As you arrive at Wamlana village, you can join a company’s vehicle, PT. Gema Hutan Lestari, to get to Lake Rana. Along the way, you will be greeted by beautiful sceneries of preserved forest and coastal villages on western area of Buru Island from top of mountain.

You can stop by for a while in Cam Waldea on the 21th km before you continue to get to the 40th km. Then you need to go on foot for about 23 km away. Along the way, you’ll pass through some original settlements of Buru people and be welcomed with Sawat dance, greeting ceremony for visitors.

Eating at Rana Lakeeating info

kinds of cassava with roasted fish and colo-colo (typical food of Maluku)

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