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Atambua is the capital of Belu district, Nusa Tenggara Timur Province. Atambua is the second-biggest city in Timor Island after Kupang. It's located on the western Timor. This city has received Adipura award 3 years in a row. Atambua is surrounded by hiils offering interesting places to visit..

Atambua History

Atambua is the capital of Belu district, so both histories of Atambua and Belu are connected each other. According to local culture, Belu means friendship. The people of Belu used to be freindly and care each other. After Netherlands came to colonize, Belu was divided into two areas, South Belu and North Belu. While Atambua itself, the capital of Belu, means a place for hamba-hamba suanggi.

Things to see

If you come to this city, you need to see Tugu Kecil Atambua (Atambua Small Monument). This monument is the monument stating that Atambua is a clean city. Not far from the location, there's Kolam Susuk. In this place you can enjoy beautiful nature scenery. Jobugujur Bakelin Hill is also a nice spot to come to, where you can see fascinating nature panorama from the top of this hill.

Things to do

One main beach in Atambua is Motadikin Beach. At this white sandy beach, you can spend a day playing at the beach, sunbathing or perhaps surfing. There's also Atapupu Beach for you to swim at this beautiful white sandy beach.

Things to eat

One typical food in this city is rumpu rampe. This food is made of vegetables consisting papaya flower, banana flower, cassava leaves and roasted rebon shrimp. You can also find Bose Corn, tthe typical food of Nusa Tenggara Timur, in this city. This Bose Corn is made of corn and red bean mixed with coconut milk and salt. It's perfectly served with roasted fish.

Getting to Atambua

Flying to Atambua: Atambua is served by A. A. Bere Tallo Airport. A. A. Bere Tallo Airport is located about 4 km northeast from Atambua. Read more about A. A. Bere Tallo Airport or look for flights to Atambua


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