Kemala Beach

Balikpapan, Indonesia

Kemala Beach


Kemala beach (also known as Polda beach) is one of the highlights in Balikpapan. It is known as Polda beach as this beach is managed by the Police Office (POLDA in Bahasa Indonesia) of East Borneo. The Kemala or Polda beach is in down town Balikpapan, near Jendral Sudirman street. It's located on the roadside but stymied by office buildings made this tourist attraction is not so striking.

You can feel like you are in Bali when you are at this beach because the beach is made of soft white sand with quiet waves and some shade is provided by coconut trees on the edge of the beach. There is also a restaurant on the beach styled like a Balinese restaurant named D'Jimbaran Resto.

Kemala beach always offer a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere so it is no wonder this beach is often busy with people also because this beach is in down town Balikpapan. Besides chilling, relaxing and swimming you can try one of the other activities here like the banana boat, jet ski, or flying fox.

The flying fox is reserved only for children. The Banana boat is usually only available in the afternoon at around 4 pm. There is not a ticket booth to buy tickets for the banana boat. Just go to a person who looks like fixing or taking care of a banana boat, and tell him/her that you want to ride it. It will leave when there are at least 6 people.

Transport options transport

Since the beach is located near the city centre and close to a main street, it is easy to reach by public transport.

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