Wartawan Beach

Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

Wartawan Beach


Wartawan is a name of a beach in Lampung. It has a unique name as the beach is named after a profession "wartawan" (meaning journalist). Historically, this beach was managed by local people who were mostly journalists. Wartawan beach is located in Way Muli, 18 km from Kalianda and 30 km from Gayam junction in the Bakauheni area near Bandar Lampung. It is located in a narrow circled area between Rajabasa mountain and the ocean.

In Wartawan beach, you can marvel at the beauty of this beach with blue water and the panoramic view of Krakatau mountain on the distance and a mountain range in the back.

There are hot springs near Wartawan beach that can make everything thrown in get boiled as the temperature can get up to 80 degree Celsius. The hot water is not mixed with sea water and doesn't feel salty. You can try cooking in there like egg, fish, shrimp and even make coffee. It is also believed to cure some diseases such as rheumatic and skin diseases. You must be careful though at the hot springs as it is dangerous if you fall into it.

Transport options transport

Getting to Wartawan beach is easy since the road to there is quite good. From Bakauheni harbor near Lampung it is around 31 km or 18 km from the center of Kalianda city.

Ticket fees ticket fee

Entrance fee is approximately Rp 2.500,-/ person and parking would cost approximately Rp. 2.000,- for motor cycle and Rp. 5.000,- for car.

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