Tanjung Setia Beach

Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

Tanjung Setia Beach


Lampung is not only famous for its Way Kambas National Park. One of the main attractions is Tanjung Setia Beach. This beach is located in Tanjung Setia village, Lampung Barat District, Lampung Province. Has a distance of about 273 km, or about six to seven hour drive from Bandar Lampung, Lampung provincial capital.

This beach is not yet sufficiently known by Indonesian citizens themselves, but for surfers this beach is a hidden paradise for surfing. The beach is right in the path of the Indian Ocean currents that make this beach has pretty perfect waves for surfing. The perfect waves of this beach usually lasts from June to August which can reach up to six to seven metres with a length of 200 meters.

In addition to the perfect waves for surfing, the beach also has an atmosphere that is quite natural with white sand along the beach. Rows of palm trees that grow also help in decorating this beach. For local communities, the coastal region is also the ideal spot for fishing. Some fish are often obtained by the angler are blue marlin which is large enough that the weight can reach up to 70 pounds. By local residents, this fish is known as the Iwa Tuhuk.


No need to worry because there are some inns provided that open to the sea along the coast. So it never hurts to try to visit this surfers’ beach.

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When you come from Radin Inten II Airport, Bandar Lampung then you can go directly to Rajabasa Terminal in Bandar Lampung and choose Krui Putra bus with the direct aim to Tanjung Setia Beach which will pass through the Trans Sumatra Highway. During the trip you will be treated with a lot of interesting scenery.

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