Cikaso Waterfall

Bandung, Indonesia

Cikaso Waterfall


Curug Luhur Waterfall, usually known as Curug Cikaso, is located in Ciniti, Cibitung village, Surade sub-district, Sukabumi district, Jawa Barat Province (West Java). This waterfall location is approximately 100 km away from Sukabumi City.

The real name of this waterfall is Curug Luhur but many people call this waterfall as Curug Cikaso for the water running through this waterfall comes from Cikaso River. In curug Cikaso, there are three waterfall spots side by side, where on the bottom there’s a pool bluish green water.

These three waterfall spots located in this destination location have the same height for about 80 meters and 100 meters wide. These three waterfalls are located in the same location with different names : Curug Asepan (on the left), Curug Meong (on the middle) and Curug Aki (on the right). From all these three waterfalls, Curug Aki is located quite hidden, behind a cliff facing east. If you want to come to the location, you are suggested to come in the morning.

It’s suggested so for there’s one distinction you may find if you come in the morning. The visitors will be welcomed by refraction of the rising sun scenery. This refraction will be visible clearly from soft water splashes of the waterfall. It’s a pity if you miss this view, especially for you who love taking pictures. This beautiful moment is one important thing to capture by your camera.

In this location, you can both see this beautiful moment and enjoy the freshness of Curug Cikaso water by bathing or swimming in a small lake formed by the waterfall stream.


For you who are not good swimmer, you can rent a tire as buoy you can use. Other facilities you can find in the location are cafes, toilet and kiosks selling various souvenirs.

Transport options transport

from Surade city heading to Cikaso. You will be charged for about IDR 6,000 per person. You can get off on Jalan Raya Cikaso, exactly on the t-junction heading to this curug. From this t-junction, you need to go on foot through rice fields and local people’s field for about two kilometres away to the location of Curug Cikaso. Or you can also join sand truck usually passing through heading to his waterfall’s location. Another alternative is by renting boat to down Cikaso River. Ther rent price is IDR 70,000 – IDR 80,000, up to 10 – 12 passengers. These boats are available at Cikaso bridge. As you arrive on the land, you continue going on foot for about 100 meters heading to Curug Cikaso.

Ticket fees ticket fee

To enter this location, you will be charged IDR 2,000 per person.

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