Situ Patenggang

Bandung, Indonesia

Situ Patenggang


Lake Patenggang or also known as Situ Patenggang (which means lake in the Sundanese language) is situated about 1600 meters above sea level. The lake is located in Ciwidey Patenggang about 47 kilometers south of the city of Bandung, West Java, about a 2 hours drive. The journey to Situ is still very natural with lots of green of the trees on the side of the road which provide a shade on the road and numerous tea plantations and strawberry farms. Besides the fresh air and the natural surroundings the many curves in the road makes the journey to Sity Patenggang also a joy to ride.

Arriving in Situ, you will be greeted with an impressive lake, with mountains towering around it. On the edge of the lake there are numerous beautiful boats with bright colors, ready to take you around the lake for Rp. 15,000 per person. Or if you do not want to get around too far away you can also rent a water bicycle and go by yourself. You can also just sit by the lake and enjoy the serenity of this place and its natural beauty.

Batu Cinta (Rock of love)

Situ patengan not only offers the charm of nature, it also contains the famous and historic island of Asmara (Pulau Asmara) and the Batu Cinta. Pulau Asmara and Batu Cinta is located in the middle of the lake with a large stone. The stone is called Batu Cinta (Rock of love) and has a legendary story. This story stems from a love story of two lovers Ki Santang and Dewi Rengganis separated and eventually reunited in this place. Local people believe the water that fills the lake is a tear of the Ki Santang and Dewi Rengganis, which is why some people call this lake Situ Penganten (bride). Usually the tourists who visit Situ will also visit the Rock of Love. It is said that for anyone who arrive with a partner to the Rock of Love and have gone around the island, then the relationship will be durable and lasting.


Besides the beautiful nature, around the lake are shops that offer a variety of souvenirs or fresh fruits which of course you can take home as souvenirs for relatives. If you want to stay longer there are also several hotels and bungalows with adequate facilities.

Transport options transport

By using public transportation: the bus (or Elf) from terminal Leuwi Panjang in Bandung to terminal Ciwidey at a rate of about Rp. 6000. From there continue with an angkot directly to the Situ entrance at a cost of about Rp. 10,000.

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