Ujung Genteng Beach

Bandung, Indonesia

Ujung Genteng Beach


The Pantai Ujung Genteng (Ujung Genteng Beach) is located on the south coast of Java, at the Indian Ocean in the Ciracap District, West Java. The sea is fairly quiet here with relatively small waves due to the rocks on the sides of the beach. The sea water is very clear which makes it possible to see the coral and fish with the naked eye without snorkeling. This is also a favorite place to watch the sunset.

In this area are many things to see and do amongst others:

  • Aquarium Cibuaya. This is a natural aquarium where the fish are kept in holes on the beach. Located at Cibuaya Beach.
  • Pengumbuhan Beach, a favorite place for surfers and the Green Turtle, but then for laying their eggs.
  • Tebing Amanda Ratu (Amanda Ratu Cliff). Here you will feel as you were at the Tanah Lot (Bali) because of the huge rock in the sea where the waves hit upon as at Tanah Lot.
  • Curung Cikasa (Cikasa Waterfall). Not far from the Ujung Genteng Beach is this waterfall where you can see three waterfalls at the same time.
  • Sugar Making, in this area sugar is made by collecting fluids from the coconut tree which is then processed to make sugar.

Transport options transport

From the Indonesian capital Jakarta the beach is about 220km away, from Bandung 230km. It would take about 6 to 7 hours by car as the road is quite good.

With bus it will take about 10 hours since you need to transfer a few times. From Jakarta take a bus to Sukabumi, transfer there to a bus or minivan then to Lembursitu. At Lembursitu take a public minivan to Surade. At the Surade terminal walk out to the main road to get an angkot to Ujung Genteng.

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