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Chowpatty Beach


Mumbai is one of big cities in India, of course besides New Delhi. One of the famous tourist attractions in this city is Chowpatty Beach. Chowpatty beach is a beach located in South Mumbai, precisely near to Marine Drive lane. Marine Drive itself is a vital pathway for South Mumbai for there are a lot of economic activities around this lane, so the Chowpatty Beach location is very strategic. This beach is the most popular beach in South Mumbai, it is no wonder that almost every day the beach is always crowded by tourists, both local and foreign tourists.

Chowpatty Beach has a mixture of white and brown sand. This beach presents the amazing beauty of Arabian Sea scenery with a contrast background of Mumbai view. Sitting on the edge of Chowpatty Beach while enjoying the exotic view of this beach, and listening to the waves' sound that becoming more rumble in the afternoon are activities mostly done by the tourists. In addition, you can also swim and play ball at this beach.

Near to Chowpatty Beach there are also many restaurants that you can choose to fill up your stomach. Don't worry about the price because the price ranges for various menus at these restaurants near the beach are standard prices at other attractions. In addition to restaurants, food stalls around the beach could also be other choices and certainly have more affordable price. So, for you who are planning a vacation to Mumbai, do not forget to enlist Chowpatty Beach on the list of sites you will visit.

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Its strategic location makes Chowpatty Beach easy to reach. You can use a taxi or public bus heading to Marine Drive lane. In this city, Chowpatty Beach is very famous so that almost everyone knows and you can easily ask if you’re still confused.

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