Lakasa Cave

Bau Bau, Indonesia

Lakasa Cave


The name Lakasa, which is located in Sulaa village, Betoambari sub-district, Bau-Bau town, Southeast Sulawesi Province, is taken from the discoverer, Mr. Kasa. The word La, in addition, is a supplement name for Bau-Bau's men. The depth of this cave is 120 metres. Inside is a clear water source, and beautiful thousands years old stalactite and stalagmite.

Entering this cave means entering the earth, literally. As soon as you enter this cave you will be welcomed by a series of stalactite and stalagmite with great shapes. In 2012, the local government renovated the entrance. The entrance is as large as an adult body so entering is easy. You would need a flashlight to really explore the cave. There are lamps though attached inside so we can directly see the beautiful stalactite and stalagmite.

After walking and exploring the cave for 15 minutes, you will come at a small lake on the base of the cave. This small lake is called Pemandian Lakasa (Lakasa Bathing place) by local people. The water is tasteless, pure and chilly. This small lake never dries up, not even in the dry season and it can supply enough water for the for local peoples needs.

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Access to Lakasa Cave: Lakasa Cave is 9km south of Bau-Bau town and can be accessed easily with public transportation in 30 minutes.

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