Napabale Lake

Bau Bau, Indonesia


Visiting Napabale Lake means you also visit a beach. Why is that? It's because there is a 30x9 metres natural tunnel connecting Napabale Lake with the beach on Buton Gulf. The water in the lake is partly supplied by seawater from the Buton Gulf through the tunnel making the water tastes salty. The tunnel is also used by fishers as an access to go to the sea. You can take the same route to Buton Gulf through Napabale Lake using the local 'pincara' ship. Be aware of the the tide when you want to use the tunnel as the tunnel will be submerged at high tide.

Napabale Lake is 15 km away from Raha town, in Southeast Sulawesi Province. Raha is the capital of Muna district. The name Napabale itself means a port and place where people take Pandanus leaf. There are lots of Pandanus plants growing around Napabale's area. Napabale is surrounded by high steepy hills and cliffs covered by plants and trees making for an amazing panoramo and fresh air. At the lake you can swim, dive or snorkel and marvel at the unique ecosystem underneath the calm clear green water. In the middle of the lake you will find three big cup-shaped coral reefs.

You can rent a local 'pincara' ship for IDR 50,000 per ship to head to the beach on Buton Gulf through the tunnel or just sail around the lake. It's rented from a local fisherman living around the lake. When you rent it, it means that the owner will be the sailor operating the ship and he will be tour guide as well. The scenery on this white sand beach is as amazing as at the Napabale Lake.

Transport options transport

By air - from Wolter Monginsidi Airport, Kendari you can fly to Sugimanuru Airport in Muna district. Then continue heading to Raha by public transportation for about 30 minutes. From Raha take a cab or ojek (motorcycle for public transportation) for the 20 minutes trip to Napabale lake.

By sea - from Nusantara Port, Kendari you can use ferry heading to Raha Port in Raha. On arrival continue your trip to Muna Gulf next to Napabele Lake using motorized boat called katinting for about 15 minutes.

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