British Cemetery

Bengkulu, Indonesia

British Cemetery


The British Cemetery Complex is located in the Jl.Veteran Jitra, Bengkulu. It is the largest British cemetery in Southeast Asia. Sightseeing here is being a witness to the past when the city of Bengkulu and Britain had many historic links.

There is also a legendary Marlborough Castle which is approximately 800 meters away from the Cemetery.

In this complex there are many graves of prominent British rulers who ruled Bengkulu in 1775 until 1940. Among them are McDouglas, Parker, Hutchinson, Mclean and others.

The British once colonized Indonesia starting in Bengkulu in 1650 and Bengkulu became the center of the British colonial administration. The British soldiers and civilians who died were buried here at this cemetery in Bengkulu.

This cemetery is the largest in Southeast Asia, there are about 1,000 monumental tombstones in various sizes, located on 4.5 hectares of land in the length of 300 meters and 150 meters wide.

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