Lake Labuan Cermin

Berau, Indonesia

Lake Labuan Cermin


Lake Labuan Cermin is one charming destination located in Biduk-Biduk village, Berau district, Kalimantan Timur Province. This lake is managed under Lekmalamin (Lembaga Masyarakat Labuan Cermin/Labuan Cermin Society Organization). It’s Lekmalamin who mantain and take care of this destination’s beauty in order to be able to be enjoy by many visitors.

The water color is the gradation of dark blue, light blue, white and green. Just like the name, the water is clear and shining like a mirror. We can see the bottom clearly though this lake is more than 3 meters deep. You can swim, dive or snorkel here. Lake Labuan Cermin is a mixture of fresh and salt water. The surface water tastes salty but if you taste the bottom water, it will be tasteless. If you dive inside, you will be able to see the border between tasteless and salt water clearly. This fact also causes the variety of water creatures you may find at the lake.

If you want to dive or snorkel, you need to bring along your own equipments for there’s no diving or snorkeling equipment rental you can find around. If you can’t swim well, you can rent either a buoy or boat. It will be far cheaper if you visit this lake in groups.

Transport options transport

From Sepinggan Airport, Balikpapan you can take a flight heading to Tanjung Redeb Airport, Berau. Then your trip continues heading to Biduk-Biduk village using rented car for about IDR 500,000 and it will take about 6 hours. As you arrive in Biduk-Biduk village, you need to go through trekking course into the woods. The trekking route will spend 30-45 minutes to go through before you arrive on the edge of the lake. There’ll be a boat ready to take you around while enjoying shady trees along the trip.

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