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Biak, an introduction


Biak is one small island located at Cendrawasih Bay, Papua Province. Biak and Numfor Island form a district named Biak Numfor District with its capital located in Biak. This district location is so strategic for directly facing at Pacific Ocean. Bosnik Beach, Wafsarak Waterfall, Bird and Orchid Park are some places you can visit while in this district.

Biak History

Schouten Eiladen, a dutch, was the first European who landed in Biak-Numfor Islands, then the name was used to call Biak-Numfor Islands in the Netherland Government time until the early of 1960. One opinion says that the name “Biak” coming from a legend. The legend started when there’s a battle between Burdam and Mandowen clan resulting Burdam clan leaving Biak island which was called as Warmambo Island at that time. They wanted to to go to a place far far away from Warmambo Island until it couldn’t be seen anymore. But the fact was on their journey, they would always be able to see Warmambo Island everytime the looked back. This made them saying “v’iak” or “v’iak wer” which means reappear. The word “v’iak” then was used by Burdam clan to mention Warmambo Island. As the time goes by, this word becoming Biak used until now.

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things to see

Things to see

You can enjoy mild and beautiful nature accompanied by the sound of water flowing at Wafsarak Waterfall usually called as Warsa Waterfall. You can go to Amoi Settlement located in Biak Utara to see the blend of beautiful green hills and blue sea scenery. There’s also Cendrawasih Museum for you to be able to see the beautiful architecture and some collections from World War II kept inside.

things to do

Things to do

Do you want to swim while enjoying the beautiful nature? You can go to Bosnik Beach located in Woniki village, on the eastern side of Biak Island. Goa Jepang (Japan Cave) which keeps many historical inheritances from World War II for at that time this place was used as stronghold for Japanese. There are also Padaido Islands and Wari Beach where you can dive and snorkel to see the beautiful underwater paradise at both places.

things to eat

Things to eat

Singkong Marapean (Marapean Cassava) is one typical food of Biak. This food is made of cassave wrapped with banana leaves then burnt on top of smoulder stones. Another is Papeda made of sago cooked with hot water. There’s also Japan Iyen. This food is made of boiled taro without spices. This food is usually served along with chili spiced fish.

Things to see and do near Biak

Airport at Biak

Biak is served by the Frans Kaisiepo Airport.

Frans Kaisiepo Airport (BIK) is the airport near Biak, Papua, Indonesia. The airport is named after Frans Kaisiepo, the fourth Governor of Papua and is also known by it’s old name Mokmer Airport.

Mokmer Airfield was part of a complex of airfields built by the Japanese on Biak Island (Mokmer, Borokoe and Sorido). Mokmer Airfield or as it is now called Frans Kaisiepo Airport is located to the west of Mokmer village on Biak, parallel to the coastline.

Entering the city from the airport

The airport is located 3km south east of the city of Biak in Papua. A taxi into the city would cost around Rp. 80,000. Public transportation is available as well. A shared minibus can get you pretty much anywhere in Biak for a price as low as Rp. 3500.

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