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Bima, an introduction


Bima is an autonomous city located in Sumbawa Island, Nusa tenggara Barat Province. We can’t discuss Bima city without talking about Bima district for they have the same history. There are many nature and culture tourism you can find while visiting Bima City. You can visit Lawata Beach, Kambing Island, Asri Mbojo Museum and many more.

Bima History

Long time ago, Bima Kingdom was divided into several groups lead by Ncuhi each. There were 5 Ncuhi led 5 different areas. Though they were separated, but those 5 Ncuhi lived peacefully. The pioneer of Bima Kingdom appeared in the time of Maharaja Pandu Dewata. He had 5 sons, one of them was Sang Bima. Sang Bima then sailed to the east and arrived at a small island on the northern of Sanggar sub-district named Satonda. Sang Bima was the one who united the 5 Ncuhi into one kingdom. Sang Bima then was granted as the first kingdom, the Bima Kingdom. After settling down the basic governmental system, Sang Bima then left Bima Kingdom to the east and the crown was granted to Ncuhi Dara. In the early 15th century, Sang Bima’s son came back as the heir. Bima was settled down directly when Sultan Abdul Kahir was crowned as the first Sultan Bima, on July 5th 1640. There are many inscriptionas and inheritances showing Bima has been inhabitted since pre-historic era. Those inheritances are Wadu Pa’a, Wadu Nocu, Wadu Tunti (written stone) found in Padende village, Donggo sub-district.

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things to see

Things to see

There are many attractions you can see in Bima, one of them is Wura Bongi Monca dance which is the welcoming guest dance both formal and informal guests. There’s also Rawa Mbojo, a music performance which is the favorite for Bima people. You can go to Asi Mbojo Museum located in Kesultanan Bima palace which keeps many old collections of Kesultanan Bima palace.

things to do

Things to do

There are several activities you can do in Bima City, one of them is visiting Lawata Island, the main destination located at the entrance of Bima City and completed with many facilities. This beach area has small hill with many small caves. There’s also Ama Hami Beach located near to the central of the city. You can spend your holiday with your family by seeing the beautiful scenery until dusk.

things to eat

Things to eat

If you are in Bima, don’t miss the typical food of Bima. One of them is Mangge Mada made of banana flower served as side dish of rice. Beside Mangge Mada, there’s Uta Maju (deer meat), this food is made of pickled deer meat. Like no other pickled meats, this Uta Maju is pickled only with salt. And this Uta Maju can be recooked as new food like uta maju ncango, uta maju puru and uta maju ncango sipa.

Things to see and do near Bima

Airport at Bima

Bima is served by the Muhammad Salahuddin Airport.

Muhammad Salahuddin Airport, also know as Bima Airport (BMU) is a small airport near the city of Bima in West Nusa Tenggara. Transnusa has daily flights to and from Denpasar (Rp 850,000) via Mataram (Rp 480,000).

Entering the city from the airport

The airport is located 17km from the city centre. You can walk out to the main road and catch a passing bus. Or take a taxi for Rp 90,000 to Birma or Rp 450,000 to Hu'u.

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