Marina Beach

Chennai, India

Marina Beach


Marina Beach is one of the mainstay and most popular tourist attractions in Chennai city, India. This thirteen kilometer long brown sandy beach is the second longest beach in the world. Both local residents and foreign travelers always visit this beach which is only about five kilometers away from Chennai city center. Sunrise and sunset views are the main natural attractions on the beach that had ever been damaged by tsunami in 2004.

Although the beach is a main tourist attraction in Chennai, but visitors are forbidden to bathe or swim on this beach since the underwater current is powerful and dangerous. But you need not to worry because there is a swimming pool which can be used for swimming on the other side of the beach. Going around the coast by riding on a horse, playing kites and beach cricket are the most frequent activities done by the beach visitors. This beach also has an area for those who love jogging, an aquarium and a skating park. In addition, there are also a lot of various food stalls on the edge of the beach so you don't to worry if you run out of food and beverages supply.

There are several historical monuments and sculptures, such as the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, The Victory War Memorial, Indo Saracenic building, some Tamil heroes statues and so on located not far from this beach. If you're lucky, you will get an opportunity to see national and cultural events usually held at this beach, like a parade on Independence Day, Chennai Marathon, the largest annual marathon event in India, and Pongal Festival which is able to attract the attention of hundreds thousands of visitors each year in January. The best time to visit this beach is during November to February each year where the temperature is very friendly. There are many inns with different rates which can easily be found around the coast.

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Marina Beach is located on Kamarajar Salai Road which is about 20 km away from Chennai International Airport. You can use a taxi or bajaj to get to Marina Beach from the airport. If you are already in Chennai city, you can use other public transport such as bus or train to get to this beach.

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