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Ende, an introduction


Ende City is the capital of Ende district in Nusa Tenggara Timur Province located on the southern coastal area of Flores Island. Ende is the biggest city in Flores. Many beautiful tourism spots and typical foods you may be able to find in Ende. There’s Tiga Warna Lake (three-coloured lake) used to be claimed as one of wonders of the world. There’s also simply unique food like fried and boiled onde-onde.

Ende History

There was a kingdom in Ende with its people called as Lio-Ende. By this kingdom, Ende was used as the central government location until the rebellion known as Watu Api and Mari Longa happened between 1916-1917 led by Nipa Do. Ende was also used as the exile location for the first president of Indonesia, Bung Karno. This exile was done by Netherlands in 1934.

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things to see

Things to see

Tiga Warna Lake, known also as Kelimutu Lake, is so worldwide famous. This lake is also claimed as one of wonders of the world for having 3 different colors and can be changed anytime. There’s Wologai Custom Settlement located in Wologai Tengah village, near to Kelimutu National Park. You can directly see the custom house of Lio tribe and various cultural attractions presented by local people. You can also see the exile house of Bung Karno (the first president of Indonesia) on Perwira Street, a place where Bung Karno was exiled by Netherlands to Ende with his family and spent his time as political custody.

things to do

Things to do

You can do some activities like swimming and fishing at Mbu’u Beach, located 5 km away from the central of the city. You can soak yourself in Ae Oka Detusoko Hot Pool. In this pool, the sulfur-water is believed to be able to cure any skin disease. For you who like photography, you can take a picture of the sunset in Ria Ende Beach while enjoying some local foods offeres by local merchants at this beach.

things to eat

Things to eat

There are many typical foods you can find in Ende. You can try “ikan tongkol asap kuah santan “ (steamed tuna with coconut-milk broth). This food made of tuna is usually served with coconut-milk broth seasoned with several kinds of spices of Ende. Try also boiled and fried onde-onde. Unlike the onde-onde you might able to find in Java, this onde-onde is made of cassava flour filled with traditional sugar of Ende then fried or boiled and sprinkled with grated coconut. This food is perfectly served with coffee.

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Airport at Ende

Ende is served by the H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport.

H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport (ENE), also known as Ende Airport or Isi Airport, is an airport in Ende on Flores island in the East Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. It has daily flights to and from Denpasar by Transnusa), Kupang (Pelita Air Service) and Labuan Bajo (Wings Air). Schedules are pretty ‘flexible’ in eastern Nusa Tenggara, so it is advised always check flight information in advance.

Entering the city from the airport

The airport is just east of the centre. Taxis to town are pretty cheap at Rp 30,000 compensating for the lack of public transport options.

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