Patawana Beach

Fak Fak, Indonesia

Patawana Beach


There are still lots of untouched beaches in Indonesia, one of them is Patawana Beach in Kotam village in West Papua Province. It is a favorite holiday destination for people living in FakFak, especially on sundays. It is the typical sight at many beaches in Indonesia: clean, blue water with white sand beach flanked by waving coconut trees, it seems ready to go on a postcard.

You can not only enjoy the above water scenery here but also underwater as the sea is rich in coral and fishes. Although fishermen in the Patawana Beach area hunt for fish, the ecosystem is still natural and well preserved. Many birds fly around the beach, the forest behind the beach is still pristine.

You can spend your time here by swimming, fishing, diving, snorkeling or surfing. If you are keen on surfing, the best time to be here is between August to December as then the waves are bigger and more challenging.

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From Fakfak you can use any vehicle heading to Patawana Beach which is about 30 km away. It is going to take about 1 hour.

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