Kadidiri Island

Gorontalo, Indonesia

Kadidiri Island

Kadidiri Island is located in Tomini Bay, in Tojo Una-Una district, Central Sulawesi. This island is part of the Togean Islands National Park. Besides the white sand and clear water Kadidiri island also some other tings on offer. First is the impressive underwater world with over 200 sea creatures, Perfect for those who like snorkeling. You can easily see the fishes swimming around trying to hide behind corals. It is a real underwater paradise.

To submerge into and behold that paradise you don't have to swim far out as you have great spots close the beach. There are also several diving spots, from Open Water Spot to Night Dives which will make your adrenaline rush. And the island is equipped with a dive shop, so you don't need to bring the equipments yourself.

Something else what you can do here is bird watching. Here are some amazing species; birds you cannot find in other places. One of them is the rare White-Head Eagle. The eagle is an endangered animal and therefore protected and can easily be found on the island. If you love trekking, you can immerse yourself in the wilderness on this island.


There are several resorts and hotels were you can stay the night, with various types and prices. Be aware of one thing though: there’s no mobile phone reception here so your expensive communications gadgets are best left in your bag, where they should be anyway if you are on an island as beautiful like this.

Kadidiri Island

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Transport options Kadidiri Island

You can use ferry leaving for Wakai, Bomba and Kadidiri Island from a port in Ampana, the capital of Tojo Una-Una district.

The fare is IDR 30,000 "“ 50,000 per person and the ferry will take five hours. For your information, sometimes the ferry only goes to Wakai Island. Inform in advance about departure days.

You can also take a ferry to Gorontalo to Wakai Island which only operates on Wednesday. The fare for this boat is IDR 100,000 per person. As you arrive on Wakai Island, you can then continue using another boat or speedboat to Kadidiri Island.

By normal boat it will take an hour, but speedboat will be faster of course

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Gorontalo city is the capital of Gorontalo Province. Gorontalo is located on the northern side of Sulawesi Island, exactly on the western of Sulawesi Utara. This province is situated between 2 water areas, Tomini Bay located on the south and Sulawesi Sea on the north. You won't be regretful if you come to Gorontalo for there are many interesting places offered by Gorontalo.

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Flying to Gorontalo

Gorontalo is served by Jalaluddin Airport. Jalaluddin Airport is located about 30 km west from Gorontalo. Read more about Jalaluddin Airport or look for flights to Gorontalo