Charlita Beach

Gunung Sitoli, Indonesia

Charlita Beach


Gunungsitoli does have quite a lot of coastal areas, but mostly have not been managed optimally. One of the beaches that have been managed well is Charlita Beach. This beach is managed by an investor named Anita Yuniar Telaumbanua. Charlita Beach itself is taken from the name of the child of Anita Yuniar Telaumbanua named Charlita Zega. Charlita Beach was formerly deserted, but now it’s always visited by public and became one of the mainstays of Gunungsitoli. Charlita Beach is located in the village of Afia, Gunungsitoli Utara sub-District, Gunungsitoli District, North Sumatra Province.

Charlita Beach is a wide-stretched white sand beach. Charlita Beach has calm sea blue sea and is perfect for swimming. Around the coast there are trees for you to take shelter. We can sit back underneath to enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery and feel the gentle sea breeze.

Charlita Beach is also equipped with various kinds of facilities such as lodging, dining, there is also a swimming pool equipped with rides similar to the small version of waterboom. Interestingly, this pool contains sea water, so you can enjoy swimming in the sea water without fear of being swept by waves. After playing, you can get rest in various existing gazebo around the beach or enjoying a dish of seafood specialties of Charlita beach at the restaurant around the coast. So, there is no harm in stopping at Charlita Beach when you are in Gunungsitoli on the island of Nias.

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Charlita beach is about fourteen miles from the center of Gunungsitoli, making it easy to reach. You can use a two-wheeler or four-wheel drive, but there is also public transportation heading there. The journey from the city center will take less than an hour.

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