Sawarna Village

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Sawarna Village


Sawarna Village is a village that offers some interesting sights which are still not widely known by lots of people. The village location is in Bayah sub-District, Lebak District, Banten, or about 230 kilometers to the west of the capital Jakarta. Not many people know the existence of this village. This may also be because it is situated on the outskirts of Perhutani forest and surrounded by Indian Ocean. The atmosphere in this village still feels natural, cool and away from the noise of city life. So also with all the attractions on offer, can help you eliminate fatigue. Some interesting places in the village including Laguna Pari Beach, Pasir Putih Beach, Ciantir Beach and Tanjung Layar Beach.

In Laguna Pari Beach, scenery offered is quite beautiful and suitable to see the sunrise. The beach has white sand and a rock collection with unique shape. This beach is located about two kilometers from the Cikaung village. While in Tanjung Layar Beach, you can see the two pieces of rock jutting into the sea and headland, it's named as Tanjung Layar because it looks like a screen expands. While in Ciantir Beach, the region is divided into two parts, areas with large waves and small ones. Coastal area with large waves is located in the east and a favorite spot for surfers, while the west is a region with a small waves beach which is a favorite place for domestic tourists to just play on the sea water and swim. Not far from the beach area there is a hill called Cariang Hill. From the top of this hill, you can see the beautiful white sand of Ciantir Beach and Tanjung Layar Beach. There are also several taverns you can get into.

Moreover, there are several caves in this village, one of which is the Lalay Cave. If you are interested, you can down this cave. But you must be willing to get wet because there is a small river flown in this cave . Locals also provides lighting services, at the same time they can also serve as your tour guide in the cave. Some of the objects of natural scenery offered in this village are quite exotic so it is suitable to be used as photography location. In this village there are no hotels, but you can get a homestay with a relatively low rate owned by locals plus each homestay offers a menu of local specialties for the tourists.

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The best time to visit several attractions in Sawarna village is around April until September or during the dry season because when you come into the village during the rainy season, it will make you pass a little muddy road. To be able to get to this location, you can use a private car or bus-sized rental. If you come from Jakarta, you will take a route through Jagorawi Highway-Ciawi-Cibadak Sukabumi-Pelabuhan Ratu then headed west towards the Sawarna village. And if you want to take the west path, you will go through Merak Highway- Serang Timur -Pandeglang -Mount Kencana- Malingpih-Bayah-Sawarna. Both routes have almost the same travel time of approximately seven to eight hour drive.

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