Pulau Umang

Jakarta, Indonesia

Pulau Umang


Umang Island is a small island located in Sumur sub-district, Pandeglang District, Banten. The island is only about 183 kilometers from Jakarta. This tourist attraction is as interesting as Carita Beach and Sawarna Beach. In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, the island also has a beach with its clear blue sea water. It’s quite suitable with this beach’s white sand. The waves are quite small, so it is quite convenient for kids who want to play water.

The island is categorized small, so after arriving at the beachside you will instantly find a resort with hospitality facilities and rooms with direct view to the sea. It makes it as if the coast is your house’s backyard. With all the beauty and comfort offered, this small island is an ideal spot for those who are going on honeymoon.

There are various interesting activities that you can do on this island, from just playing seawater, playing ball at the edge of the beach, fishing, snorkeling, jet skiing and enjoying banana boat. For those of you who bring along your children, no need to worry because in addition to relatively small sea waves, there is an outbound themed playground equipped with children's pool facing directly to the sea is available on this island. After having fun and enjoying all interesting activities on the island, you can taste delicious typical dishes of Umang Island, such as red snapper and grouper cooked with choosen seasoning.

Resort on this island provides at least thirty rooms divided into fifteen rooms facing directly towards the sunset and fifteen rooms facing directly toward the sunrise. At holiday season, the place is usually quite crowded by tourists so if you want to visit the island, it’s better for you to reserve a room days in advance.

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To get to this location, there are two routes that you can take. The first route is via Jakarta - Merak highway and exit through Serang Timur or in 71st km then proceed to follow Pandeglang road to get to Labuan. From Labuan you can go directly to Taragong - Citeurup - Cigeulis - Cibaliung - Cimanggu until finally you reach Sumur sub-district.

While the second route is from Jakarta - Merak highway you can exit through Cilegon Barat then follow Anyer - Carita road heading to Labuan. From Labuan you can go directly to Sumur sub-district. You will take about five to six hours journey. From Sumur sub-district area, you can go directly to Umang Island using speedboat which takes about five minutes.

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