Jiwa Temple

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jiwa Temple


The Jiwa temple is located in Segaran, a small village on the banks of the Citarum River about 20 km northwest of the city Rengasdengklok, Karawang regency and 15km northeast of Jakarta. Candi Jiwa is surrounded by rice fields providing a natural and unique view. Not far from this temple there is another temple: Candi Blandongan.

Candi Jiwa is a Buddhist temple square shaped with a width of 19 m and is 4.7 meter heigh. It was build during the Java kingdom of Tarumanagara (5th till 8th century). The temple is part of the Batujaya site, which was first discovered by an archaeological team of the Faculty of Humanities at the University Indonesia in 1984. Since beginning their research in 1984-1999 they have found 13 sites in the village Segaran and 11 sites in Tegaljaya.

Unfortunately, due to lack of development by the government, getting to the Jiwa Temple is bit troublesome. But the natural panorama of rice fields, mixed with exotic relics of ancient times is magnificent.

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Parking is free and the temple is open daily from 09:00 hour till 16:00 hour.

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