Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Jakarta, Indonesia

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah


Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or often shortened as TMII is a cultural themed Indonesian tourist area located in East Jakarta.

TMII is basically a summary of various aspects of the life's of the Indonesian people who are spread over 26 provinces (in 1975). In the middle of the park there is a miniature lake depicting the Indonesian archipelago. TMII was opened in 1991 by Mrs. Tien Soeharto.

As for the parts of TMII namely:

  • Pavillion area

    This is the area that includes a variety of buildings in the traditional architecture of almost every ethnic group in Indonesia.

  • Religious Buildings

    Representing a variety of buildings or places of worship which are famous in Indonesia, it also illustrates the harmony and inter-religious harmony in Indonesia. The buildings include:

    1. Diponegoro Mosque

    2. Catholic Church of Santa Cantharina

    3. the Hallelujah Protestant Church

    4. Pura Penataraan Agung Kertabumi

    5. Wihara Arya Dwipa Arama

    6. Sasana Adirasa Pangaeran Samber Nyawa

    7. Confucian Temple

  • Recreation Facilities

    There are a number of recreational facilities that makes TMII a good place to go to with children. In addition to the natural surroundings, cleanliness and the many rides for children, TMII can increase the knowledge about Indonesia and about it�s cultural diversity. The recreation facilities of TMII include:

    1. Indonesian Children's Palace

    2. Hanging Train

    3. Swan Boat Arsipel Indonesia

    4. Park Among Putro

    5. Park Ria Atmaja

    6. Village Tourism

    7. Swimming pool Snow Bay (Rp 25,000 per person)

  • Theatre and Cinema

    Buildings which are specifically used as a place of art performances and movies, among others:

    1. IMAX Teater Keong Mas, in this IMAX theater are a variety of environmental-themed films played.

    2. Teater My Homeland

    3. Teater 4D A normal 3D theater but with the addition of smell.

  • Parks

    Built specifically to show the beauty of the flora and fauna in Indonesia there are ten parks in the TMII area, namely:

    1. Orchid Garden (Taman Anggrek)

    2. Garden of the Pharmacy of Life (Taman Apotek Hidup)

    3. Cactus Garden (Taman Kaktus)

    4. Jasmin Garden (Taman Melati)

    5. Taman Bunga Keong Mas

    6. Freshwater Fish Aquarium (Akuarium Ikan Air Tawar)

    7. Bekisar Park

    8. Bird Park

    9. Ria Atma Park, with a stage for musical performances

    10. Indonesian Chinese Cultural Park

  • Museums

    The museums store and display a variety of historical, technological and cultural objects, as well as specimens from the flora and fauna in Indonesia. For a price of Rp 2000 you can visit no less than 14 museums who are all located in this area. Among others:

    1. Museum Indonesia

    2. Museum Purna Bakti Pertiwi

    3. Soldiers Museum (Museum Keprajuritan)

    4. Stamp Museum (Museum Prangko)

    5. Heritage Museum (Museum Pusaka)

    6. Transport Museum (Museum Transportasi)

    7. Museum of Electricity and New Energy (Museum Listrik dan Energi Bar)

    8. Telecommunications museum (Museum Telekomunikasi)

    9. Information Museum (Museum Penerangan)

    10. Sports Museum (Museum Olahraga)

    11. Asmat Museum

    12. Indonesia Wildlife Museum and Reptile Park (Museum Satwa Indonesia Komodo dan Reptil)

    13. Insect Museum ((Museum Serangga)

    14. Central Museum of Science and Technology Demonstration ((Museum Pusat Peragaan Ilmu Pengetahuan dan Teknologi)

    15. Oil and Gas Museum (Museum Minyak dan Gas Bumi)

    16. Museum of East Timor (Museum Timor Leste)

Transport options transport

It is easy to visit TMII, you can drive a private car via the motorway or take a taxi.

TMII is an easy solution if you want to travel Indonesia without spending much money. You can know more about Indonesia by paying only the entrance fee of about Rp 9,000 and parking fee (Rp 6,000 per motorcycle and Rp 10,000 per car).

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Have you been here?



20 May 2014 12:13

I have been there for several times, with my family or with my friends. Its quite interesting you can see like Indonesia's culture in a one place. From Sabang until Merauke. Its not only about the traditional houses but also they have a big flower garden here and so you can sit on the bench and enjoy the smell of fresh iar under the tree or near flowers. But its concern me that the visitors do not thrown the garbage like plastic snacks or drink water in not an aproppiate place.

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