Aci Park

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Aci Park


The word “ACI” stands for Alam Citra Indah. It’s a recreation spot for family. It’s located 20 km eastern of the downtown in Kopeh Ulu sub-district, Muaro Jambi, Jambi. This park is quite wide, 15 hectare.

This park ha smany rides you should try. They are water bike, mini train, gokart, merry go round, paint ball, flying fox, etc. The most favorite is gokart. You can feel the sensation of racing in particular arena of gokart surrounded by used tyres. For adrenaline rush lovers, you can try to play paint ball and outbond with affordable price. There’s also futsal field here in ACI you can rent for IDR 5,000 per person. You are also allowed to bring your own bicycle just to go around this park.

ACI Park is provided with lodge at the centre of the lake for you to take shelter or rest for a while. This place is so great to get relaxed while enjoying the view from the lake. You can fish at the fishing arena provided here. The management always keeps this park clean, so you will feel even more comfortable

Transport options transport

You can use either private or public transportation. If you use private vehicle, go east heading to Tri Lomba Juang Stadium then continue going to Silincah direction. You can then enter the western ringroad, then find the direction to ACI Park. If you uce public ransportation, take the red ones with Talang Banjar-Silincah route. You can find them at Rawangsari Bus Station or near the Angso Duo market. This public transportation will charge you IDR 3,000 to take you to ACI Park. You can also use ojeg for IDR 10,000, but you can still bargain the price. ACI Park is daily open from 8am to 6pm. The ticket price is IDR 10,000 per person, but you need to pay more to enjoy the rides.

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