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Kaimana, an introduction


Kaimana district is an old city, one result of Fak Fak expansion, which has beautiful nature panorama. There are many unspoiled tourism spots located in this new district. The beauty of dusk-panorama in this district has become one of many main destinations. This fact is also described in a song entitled “Senja di Kaimana” (dusk in Kaimana) in 1970s. Another nature potential tourism in Kaimana is Triton Bay known for its beautiful underwater panorama.

Kaimana History

There were 2 petuanan in Kaimana, the Petuanan Moon Sran centered in Adi Island, settled in 1293 by King Adi and Petuanan Namatota settled in 1570 by King Ulan Swarga. Those petuanan had several territories including some districts in Kaimana. In 1571, both of them merged becoming custom government and shared some powers. King Namatota entitle as Rat Ulfiai Moon as the head of state and King Adi entitled as Rat Umini Emana as the head of government. This custom government ran well until Netherlands came making Fak Fak as the central of netherlands’ government in 1898. The custom government then was slowly collapsed but the people still stuck Kaimana as the central custom government.

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things to see

Things to see

One thing you will surely see in Kaimana is the dusk-panorama. This beautiful exotic panorama has been popular since a long time ago, especially supported by a song entitled “Senja di Kaimana” sung by Alfian in 1970s. In Bisari Bay, you can see a natural work of wide coral garden. You can aslo directly see turtles lying eggs in Venue Island. This island is a favorite nest for rare turtles, endemic and non-endemic animals like Maleo and Pelican Bird.

things to do

Things to do

Triton Bay is ready to please and amaze you with its underwater paradise. You can do it so by diving or snorkeling at Triton Bay. You can do both diving and snorkeling at Aiduma Island ando also fishing and jet skiing. For you who love adventouring, you can put yourself on trekking through Papua jungle for about 7 km to be able to see a unique Kamaka Lake fascination.

things to eat

Things to eat

Deer is one animal usually hunted by Kaimana people. So it won’t be a surprice if you can easily several kinds of food made from deer meat, for example satai and curry made of deer meat. Another typical food of Kaimana is mackerel meatball made of fresh mackerel of clean and unspoiled Kaimana water area. There’s also Kima, a kind of sea-shell raw eaten and flavoured by lime. It tastes like sashimi. Typical foods of Papua can also be found here in Kaimana such as papeda and some others. For dessert, Kaimana has kue lontar usually served with speecook and halia tea. This kue lontar is made of eggs and sweet condensed milk usually served on lontar plate made of porcelain. Speecook is shaped like sweet layer cake and halia tea is a kind of ginger tea.

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Airport at Kaimana

Kaimana is served by the Kaimana Airport.

Kaimana Airport (KNG) is a small airport serving the city of Kaimana, located in the province of West Papua in Indonesia. There are flights to Ambon and FakFak by Lion Air.

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