Moramo Waterfall

Desa Sumber Sari, Kecamatan Moramo, Kabupaten Konawe Selatan, Propinsi Sulawesi Tenggara.

Moramo Waterfall


This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia. It’s Moramo Waterfall. This waterfall is located in Tanjung Peropa Natural Conservation, Sumber Sari village, Moramo sub-district, Konawe district, Sulawesi Tenggara Province. It’s 60 km away from Kendari City.

Tanjung Peropa Natural Conservation area, where Moramo Waterfall lies, is 38,937 hectare wide. This area has beautiful mild panorama for there are many kinds of flora and fauna you can find inside. Some of them are endemic animals of Sulawesi like anoa and black monkey. The are also contains marble, approximately 860 billion meter cubic. The marble contained within is the largest you may find in the world.

Moramo Waterfall itself was found in 1980 by Javanese new comers while opening a jungle to lay an ambush for anoa. Then in 1989 there was a path made to get to the location of the waterfall. The waterfall was started to open for public in 1990. Some people around the location are newcomers from Bali and Java.

Moramo Waterfall stream comes from Biskori River from Tambolusu Mountain and is used by local people to water their paddy fields. This waterfall is approximately 100 meters high with many levels. The stream falls swiftly through 0.5-3 meters granite rocks, arranged and formed for thousand years.

Moramo Waterfall has 7 big and 60 small steps. Some of them resembles a pond which can be used for either swimming or bathing. The pond is 1 meter deep with clean and clear water. There even some local people who believe that some goddesses come down to bathe in the ponds. To get through every step, you can hike on green marble cliffs on every side. Don’t worry for there are no moss on those marble cliffs to get you slipped. It’s caused by the location of Moramo Waterfall is in limestone area making the water consists of sulfur and alkali preventing moss to grow.

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From Kendari City, you can rent a vehicle heading to Tanjung Peropa Conservation located in Konawe Selatan district. You can rent the vehicle for about IDR 350,000. From the entrance gate of Tanjung Peropa Conservation, you can go on foot to Moramo Waterfall for about 2 km away. Be careful for the way is a bit slippery and ascending.

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