Nambo Beach

Kendari, Indonesia

Nambo Beach


Nambo Beach is located in the Nambo village, Abeli sub-District, Kendari District, Sulawesi Tenggara Province and is approximately eight miles from downtown Kendari. This beach is not much widely known. There are only local people who often visit this beach. But it is exactly what makes this beach suitable to be visited. The calm atmosphere, cool weather, soft white sand, gentle and beautiful landscapes are adding upthe attraction of this beach.

According to local residents, the location of this beach was once a fairly dense mangrove forest. Until one of the local entrepreneurs found a stretch of white sand in the middle of the mangrove forest cover. The businessman then bought some land there, which previously was owned by local communities, and then developed into a tourist attraction site. Local residents were invited to enliven the new attractions. In the 2000s, the local government took over the beach. In the hands of local government, tourism is increasingly developed. Mangrove trees in the middle of the ocean are cleaned so that there are no obstacles between the boundaries with the blue sea horizon view of the sky. Parking area, gazebo and public bathrooms were started to be built by the local government.

Now there are many coconut trees that grow as marched to meet the shoreline at this beach location. In addition to adding beauty of the beach, coconut trees can also be used as a shelter when the sun hits. When you feel thirsty too, do not worry because there are a lot of young coconut sellers along this coast. In the morning and evening, this beach was beautiful enough to enjoy the sunrise or sunset atmosphere combined with the quiet atmosphere of this beach.

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Access to the beach is quite easy. When you come from Wolter Monginsidi Airport, Kendari then you can go directly to this place by public transportation, private or rent vehicle with a travel time of about fifteen minutes. But when you come from the port city of Kendari, then you can use a local traditional boat known as Kole-Kole or Ketinting down to Kendari Bay to the beach Nambo.

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