Baumata Eco Tourism

Kupang, Indonesia

Baumata Eco Tourism


Approximately 16 km from Kupang City is a village called Baumata often visited by tourists for its many attractions. Baumata is a popular destination for people in Kupang because of its beauty and nature. Some kinds of tourism that you can visit in Baumata, are:

- The Forest: a good example of eco tourism, allowing people to enjoy the nature and providing a habitat for local plants and animals. The long tail monkeys are easy to find, if you are lucky you may see one of the other animals living here, like lizards, cockatoos, eagles, snake, parakeet and other kinds of birds.

- Japanese cave: this cave was once used by Japanese soldier as hiding place during World War II. In this cave are some nice stalactite and stalagmite.

- Baumata swimming pool. Unfortunately this pool is only open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and others holiday, which is a shame as it is a popular spot when opened. It is located about 250 m from the Japanese Cave. Entree is Rp 5000 for adults and float tire are fire hire.

- Lake: this small lake is filled with lotus flowers covering the habitat of the freshwater fish.

Baumata is next to its beauty and fresh air also known for it natural water spring. The water of the spring is used to supply the Baumata swimming pool, is used to make drinking water and supplies Kupang with water.

Transport options transport

From Kupang you can use bus number 15 and 16 for Kupang-Penfui-Baumata route or use your own rented motorbike or car to get from Kupang to Baumata. It takes about 30 minutes to get to Baumata from Kupang.

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