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Kupang is one district located on the eastern area of Indonesia, in Nusa Tenggara Timur Province. Kupang is also the capital of Nusa Tenggara Timur Province. Kupang is lived by some ethnic groups. They are Timor, Rote, Sabu, Flores and Tionghoa (Chinese) tribes. Kupang has typically eastern tourism spots you need to go to.

KUPANG History

The name "œKupang was taken from a king's name, nai Kopan or Lai Kopan. The king ruled Kupang before Portuguese came. Kupang used to be visited by many meschants from the western areas of Indonesia. In 1436, Timor Island had 12 ports, one of the port was directly facing Kupang Bay and a strategic area. The area was led by King Helong at that time. In 1613, VOC landed on Kupang Bay. At first, King Helong welcomed them and they were offered a small area to build a fortress. On December 29th, 1645 Portuguese also landed in Kupang and had the same offer from King Helong. VOC and Portuguese didn't get along and fought over dominance. Between 1625 to 1663, there was a battle won by VOC after shattering Portuguese fortress, Fort Concordia. The name King Lai Kopan was said as Koepan by Netherlands which until now daily pronounced as Kupang.

Things to see

You can see Kupang's beautiful nature scenery at Lasiana beach which is also the main destination in Kupang City. This beach has been completed with many facilities and always visited by both domestic and foreign tourists. You can see beautiful sunset at this beach. If you want to go to seek for foresty atmosphere, just go to Camplong Forest on the edge of the road heading to Soe City. Camplong Forest has a mild air and you can also see many kinds of flora and fauna typically from Kupang there.

Things to do

Walking around at Kupang will give you different experience for you. There are many tourism spots you can visit, one of them is Bautama which known well with its clean and fresh wellspring. You can swim in the pond znd feel the fresh water directly based from a big wellsprinng. You can also explore the mangrove forest using small boat in Tuadele Lake.

Things to eat

Visiting Kupang won't be complete without tasting its typical culinary. One of them is daging se'i. Daging se'i is a roasted beef. But like no other roasted beefs, daging se'i is traditionally roasted and longitudinal sliced also mixed with spices and a bit salt. Another one is jagung bose (Bose Corn). This culinary is made of softened corn and cooked with mix of kidney bean added with coconut milk. This jagung bose is a favorite in Kupang. Kupang is also known well with its delicious culinary made of seafood.

Getting to KUPANG

Flying to KUPANG: KUPANG is served by El Tari International Airport. El Tari International Airport is located about 15 km east from KUPANG. A taxi into the city from El Tari International Airport would cost IDR 80.000. Read more about El Tari International Airport or look for flights to KUPANG


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