Kanawa Island

Labuan Bajo, Indonesia

Kanawa Island


Kanawa Island is a 35 hectare small island with an astonishing beautiful nature, under water but also above, most notably the beach. The greenish blue ocean, white sand beachcompleted with a beautiful panaramo makes this place a must visit if you are near Flores. .

When you arrive at the pier you can easily see the bottom of the sea. The clear water is like a window for you so to see the coral reef and many kinds of fishes underwater. Snorkeling and diving are the easy choices to do here. There will be colorful fishes, sea turtles, mola-mola and beautiful corals waiting for you underneath.

There is one special thing of the beach you should know: in the afternoon the water will recede letting you to pick some starfish or small crabs on the beach. It is a popular past time of many tourists maybe because they don’t need to dive or swim. But still, best to get wet, and there is Dive Centre available for you who to get the equipment.

The Dive Centre not only provides the equipment but also will guide you to the best spot to dive or snorkel. You want to stay? don’t worry because there are 13 comfortable cottages you can rent for IDR 300,000 per night. The calm atmosphere near the beach will surely make you feel relaxed.

Transport options transport

This island is 15 km away from Labuan Bajo and can be reached by normal boat or speedboat (taking only 50min). The price for the boat is IDR 250,000 (total), while the speedboat is IDR 60,000 per person. There is also a free shuttle boat provided by the resort of Kanawa Island taking you from Labuan Bajo to Kanawa Island. The schedule of this shuttle boat is at noon heading to Kanawa Island and 08:00 back to Labuan Bajo.

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