Cunca Rami Waterfall

Labuanbajo, Indonesia

Cunca Rami Waterfall


The name 'Cunca Rami' means 'Waterfall in Tropical Forest' in the local language. The waterfall is located in Mbeliling forest, near Cunca Lolos village in Flores. There are three waterfalls located inside Mbeliling forest, these are Cunca Lolos, Cunca Wulang and Cunca Rami waterfalls.

The Cunca Rami waterfall is located at an height of 1,200 metres above sea level and is impressive due to the amount of water falling and the height of the fall. The waterfall is 30 metres and at the bottom is a pond retainig the water and is used to swim and bath by the people. The clean clear water along with gorgeous panorama makes it very charming place to visit.

As the name of this waterfall implies you need to trek through the jungle to visit it. The 2km trek downhill from Cuncu Lolos village will take around an hour. Going back from this waterfall will take half hour more as you need to go up again. The trek through the jungle is beautiful and doable for anybody in good shape.

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From Labuan Bajo which is about 30 km away, you can rent a car heading to Cunca Lolos village for about an hour. The fee is for a day and you can bargain it with the owner. As you arrive in Cunca Lolos village you can continue to go to Cunca Rami Waterfall by trekking mentioned above.

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Cunca Rami Waterfall

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