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Labuha is the capital oh Halmahera Selatan district, Maluku Utara Province, Labuha and located in the biggest in Halmahera Selatan, Bacan Island which has fresh air and beautiful natural forest. Labuha City is located on the edge of Mount Sibela and surrounded by sea, forming extraordinary scenery for tourists coming to Labuha.

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Labuha History

Moloku Kingdom was settled in 1252 with its first king named Baab Mansur Malamo. In 1930, Maluku Utara was divided into 3 sultanates, they are Ternate, Tidore and Bacan Sultanate. Each sultanate was still divided into some sub-districts led by a Holf under the sultan. Then by the law in 2003 stating about unfoldment of Maluku Utara district, Labuha was granted as the capital of Halmahera Selatan district having 9 sub-districts.

Things to see

One thing you will definitely want to see is the horizon of Labuha City when sunset from the back of Mount Sibela while seeing local people drying cocoa in the sun. At Mount Sibela, there's Cagar Alam Gunung Sibela (Mount Sibela Nature Conservation) where you can see various flora and fauna. See also the sturdy Fort Bernevald built in the 15th century by Portuguese. From the top of this fort, you can see beach and local people settlement and other panoramas. You can also see years-old cannon. You can come also to Sultan Bacan Palace to see beautiful architucture and if you get lucky, you can see sultan's crown called Lakare. Lakare is made of never-obsolete velvet.

Things to do

Taman Laut Gura Ici, Taman Laut Pulai Lelei and Taman Laut Kepulauan Widi are the best spots for you to dive and snorkel to enjoy underwater paradise. You can come to Sibela, Tabuji and Pawate beach just to play around while enjoying its beautiful natural panorama or taking picture of it. For you who love to collect expensive things, try to find Bacan Stone. Bacan Stone is green jewellery typically from Bacan Island and famous for the price can up to millions rupiah.

Things to eat

Surrounded by sea, Labuha is rich of sea products. In Labuha City, cakalang (skipjack) is so easy to find. This kind of fish is usually steamed and seasoned with typical spice also. This food will definitely tempt your appetite. Besides the sea products, you can also easily find durian, nutmeg and lanseh totree.

Getting to Labuha

Flying to Labuha: Labuha is served by Oesman Sadik Airport. Oesman Sadik Airport is located about 4 km east from Labuha. Read more about Oesman Sadik Airport or look for flights to Labuha

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