Tangsi Beach

Lombok, Indonesia

Tangsi Beach


Upon Hearing “pink beach”, many will think of a aptly named Pink Beach in Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara Province while in fact there is another pink beach, Tangsi beach which is located in Pemongkong Jerowaru village in eastern Lombok, Wet Nusa Tenggara Province.

There are no facilities at this beach. You are advised to bring your own food and drinks for there is barely a shop in Tangsi beach. But you are not here for shopping anyway right. You are here for the extraordinary pink colored beach. Well, the sand is actually a little bit red. The color comes from the mixing of white sand and red sand of fractions of red corals. Those red corals grow in shallow area and are brought by waves onto the beach.

If you can you should have a look under water as well. Snorkeling here is easy as the sea is calm. On the sea-floor, you can see beautiful hard and soft corals. Colorful fishes will also welcome you here, but it is a shame the local fishermen do not care about the corals.

Behind the beach are some hills just waiting and challenging you to hike. At the top of the left-side hill is a wide grass-plain. There, you can see Tangsi beach from a different angle. On the right side is cape.

Something you can do here is to rent a boat to get to a group of small islands two km away. It will just cost you IDR 10,000 per person. If you are interested in history you can go and look for the cave that was used by the Japanese to hide for the Allied forces. The condition of the cave is not very good though and weeds and brushes are growing wildly..

Transport options transport

The road to the beach was once asphalted, a long time ago as now there are many potholes in the road. There is no public transport heading to the beach so you need to get some weels somewhere by renting a car or motorbyke. You are adviced to get a 4WD if possible. It will take an hour for the 10 km road...

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