Salodik Waterfall

Luwuk, Indonesia

Salodik Waterfall


If you visit Luwuk, one of the best places to visit is Salodik Waterfall. It is 10 miles away from Luwuk town, located exactly in Salodik village, Central Sulawesi Province. This waterfall is on the edge of a hill about 750 metres above sea level providing some cool air besides a stunning nature.

Salodik Waterfall falls through in layers and never gets dry even in a dry season. The water is cold pure and has blueish-green color. The lush tropical forest surrounding the wide waterfall makes this a perfect spot to relax and a get away from the city crowdness. You can also take great pictures here

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This Salodik Waterfall is on the side of Sulawesi highway connecting Luwuk and Pagimana sub-district, making this place is easy to access. From Luwuk town you can take 45 minutes riding to Salodik Waterfall which is 10 miles away. The ticket price for Salodik Waterfall is IDR 1,000 per person

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