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Luwuk, an introduction


Luwuk is the capital of Banggai District and 607 km away from Palu City. The motto of Luwuk is Luwuk Berair, the abbreviation of Luwuk Bersih Aman Indah and Rapi ( Clean, Secure, Beautiful and Tidy Luwuk). This city is located between beach and hills which have beautiful nature scenery. The original habitant of Luwuk is Ta tribe, but there are also many other ethnic groups come and live here in Luwuk such as Bugis, Padang and Chinese.

Luwuk History

Luwuk is taken from the word Luwok and Huk which mean a bay. This place was the port of Kaleke, Asama Jawa, Soho and Dongkalan society which became trading central among Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Makasar, Javanese, Filipinos and Maluku. Luwuk became the name of a village after being adopted by Dongkalan people in 1901. The first chief was H.Kailo. in 1907 Luwuk became the central of Dutch government with named Afdeling Ooskust van Celebes (Sulawesi Eastern Coast)

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things to see

Things to see

If you want to see Maleo bird, you can visit Bangkirang Animal Conservation. This bird is rare and unique for they’re able to lay bigger egg. Bangkirang Animal Conservation is located 56 km away from Luwuk. At night, you can have fun by visiting Lalong Bay. This bay will surely give you great night scenery. If you want to see some historical remnants, you can go to ondorneming Tobelombang located in Nuhon sub-district, Banggai district.

things to do

Things to do

You can visit Kilo Lima Beach, a family recreation spot.This slope beach is always visited on holidays. If you want to play water, just come to Hanga-hanga Waterfall at the hills of Luwuk City. You can also come to Tontouan and Salodik Waterfall which offer fresh and beautiful scenery while playing water. Another one is Salodik Cave if you’re planning to go to some cave in Luwuk.

things to eat

Things to eat

Milu Siram of Luwuk is one main culinaries of this city. This food is made of corn and tuna. Another one is Louwe banana with its particular tempting taste. Louwe banana is usually served with condiment made from punded and fermented shrimp or small fish. There are also thin chip made of flour and peanuts, also salty fish which are delicious.

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Airport at Luwuk

Luwuk is served by the Luwuk Airport.

Luwuk Airport (LUW) serves the city of Luwuk in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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