Balekambang beach

Malang, Indonesia

Balekambang beach


Balekambang beach is located in the Village Srigonco, Batur district, approximately 65 km south of Malang. Balekambang beach is quite beautiful and worth visiting.

Balekambang beach is quite sloping, with sea coral that stretches for 2 km with a width of 200 meters towards the sea. If you're lucky, at low tide, you can find a variety of tropical fish on the sidelines of the reefs. Also visible is a row of three islands, namely: Ismoyo Island, where annually the ritual ceremony Jalanidhipuja ceremonies for both Hindus and Javanese New Year is held, Anoman Island and Island Wisanggeni.


For those who like camping, you are allowed to camp at the beach, so you can not only enjoy Balekambang during the day, but also at night with camping outdoors with your family. There are ample facilities at Balekambang beach: souvenir stalls, restaurants, tourist office and even a swimming pool to name a few.

Transport options transport

Getting to Balekambang can be done by public transport or your private vehicle. However, the road to Balekambang beach is small and is in bad condition: parts have more potholes than actual road.

There are two routes to go to the beach from Malang. The first route is going through subdistrict Gondanglegi towards the village of Batur then to Srigonco. The second route goes to the district Pagak Kepanjen District which then turn left toward the District of Batur.

There is ample parking space, so you do not need to worry the parking lot may be full.

Ticket fees ticket fee

The admission fee for the beach is just Rp. 5.200 per person.

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