Malang History

The name Malang itself still is a mystery for there is no valid information about it. But there are some hypothesis trying to explain the origin of “Malang”. One theory is that is derived from Malangkucecwara. This word Malangkucecwara is the name of a sacred building mentioned on two inscriptions of King Balitung’s: Mantyasih inscription in 907 and 908. Those inscriptions were found in an area between Surabaya and Malang, but the location of the sacred building remains a mystery. The word “Malangkucecwara” is a combination of three different words. “Mala” means something evil and dirty. “Angkuca” means to demolish. “Icwara” means God. So, “Malangkucecwara” means God demolishes Evil.

Another theory says that “Malang” was taken from a hill near Buring Mountains which was named Malang. This mountain is also believed to be the place where the sacred building of Malangkucecwara existed. Another explanation is that the name “Malang” comes from a village called Malangsuka south of present-day Malang. This theory is supported by some ancient buildings found like Jago and Kidal Temple which are the inheritance of Singasari Kingdom.


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