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Malang is a city on the southern side of Java Island and part of East Java Province. The climate is mild and with temperatures at least 5 degrees lower than normal as Malang is located in highlands. The government tries hard to protect the nature and its colonial history, all this makes Malang a very comfortable and interesting place to visit.

Malang History

The name Malang itself still is a mystery for there is no valid information about it. But there are some hypothesis trying to explain the origin of "œMalang". One theory is that is derived from Malangkucecwara. This word Malangkucecwara is the name of a sacred building mentioned on two inscriptions of King Balitung's: Mantyasih inscription in 907 and 908. Those inscriptions were found in an area between Surabaya and Malang, but the location of the sacred building remains a mystery. The word "œMalangkucecwara" is a combination of three different words. "œMala" means something evil and dirty. "œAngkuca" means to demolish. "œIcwara" means God. So, "œMalangkucecwara" means God demolishes Evil.

Things to see

Many things you can see here, for example the sights at Sempu Island. An island called an hidden paradise as there's a lagoon there. Also Jatim Park which is one of most popular places to visit in East Java Province. You can see many miniatures building and visit the biggest museum keeping hundreds of diorama. Don't miss the BNS (Batu Night Spectacle ) for there are lots of colorful lamps giving you a romantic atmosphere.

Things to do

Many things you can do while having a trip in Malang. If you like sport you can visit Selecta, one destination in Batu, Malang. You can do both outbound sports and swimming. Malang is also known as city of fruit for the atmosphere is quite mild in Malang. Many kinds of fruit grown everywhere here. The icon of Malang is the apple, and although that is the fruit where the city is famous for you can at Kusuma pick and eat many kinds of fruit directly from the trees.

Things to eat

Malang is well known for its special foods. The icon of the Malang Kichen is bakso (meatball soup). You will find food stalls selling bakso everywhere in Malang. And yes you can find bakso in almost all of Indonesia, but Bakso Malang is considered the best. Roasted bakso is also originally from Malang.

You can also find fruit chips here. You might usually enjoy fruit by eating it directly, but in Malang they make chips from fruit. Ragusa is also typically Malang although Ragusa is not originally from Malang, but Ragusa has been sold by Oen Store since 1930. Ragusa is a kind of hand-made ice cream.

Getting to Malang

Flying to Malang: Malang is served by Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport. Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport is located about 12 km northeast from Malang. A taxi into the city from Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport would cost IDR 70.000. Read more about Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport or look for flights to Malang

A train to Malang: Malang is also reachable by train. The city has several train stations where long-distance trains stop: station Blimbing, station Kepanjen, station Lawang, station Malang, station Malang Kota Lama, station Sumberpucung.
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