Bukit Jati Gentungan

Mamuju, Indonesia

Bukit Jati Gentungan


One of the interesting sights that exist in Mamuju , West Sulawesi, is Bukit Jati Gentungan (Jati Gentungan Hill). This tourist attraction is a natural attraction always visited by tourists especially during holiday time . Jati Gentungan Hill tourist attraction is suitable for a vacation with family . It’s located in Bebanga village , Kalukku sub- District , Mamuju District and approximately 20 km from Mamuju city center and two kilometers away from Tampa Padang Airport.

Jati Gentungan Hill region has about four acres, managed by UPTD Wisata Gentungan and began operating in 2008 . Jati Gentungan Hill is a natural tourist attraction with beautiful scenery . The air was still fresh so it's perfect for the recreational, educational and sports holiday . This tourist attraction is equipped with various facilities such as a large swimming pool , badminton court , karaoke , futsal court , etc. . The swimming pool is outdoor and semi waterboom . The interesting part is while swimming you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of hills . Moreover , there is also ample fish pond provided for fishing . There is also a pretty river with crystal clear water .

You do not need to worry for other tourist support facilities because the government is deliberately built Bukit Jati Gentungan as a tourist attraction which is expected to be able to increase revenue from the tourism sector, so there are many facilities ranging from villas to cottages can be found as well as a variety of places to eat available too . Jati Gentungan Hill is usually a favorite for tourists to gather with family . So it could not hurt to stop by here when you are in Mamuju .

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Located not too far from Mamuju city center which is about 20 kilometers making it easy to visit the place, you can use a personsal vehicle or a rental vehicle to get to this place . Your travel time will take about 40 minutes to an hour .

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