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Mamuju City is the capital of Sulawesi Barat Province and a part of Mamuju district located between beach and hills. This city is becoming the mirror of Palu and Makassar City lifestyle for Mamuju is located between both cities. Mamuju is prominently lived by Mandar tribe with several sub-tribes such as Bugis, Makassar, Toraja and Javanese. The nature of this Manakarra Land offers such a beauty

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MAMUJU History

In a seminar initiated by HIPERMAJU and PERSUKMA in collaboration with Mamuju Local Government, there's been a discussion in determining the anniversary day of Mamuju based on some important and historical events. The seminar decided that the year 1540 becoming the anniversary of Mamuju. This decision then was followed-up by the regent of Mamuju using Rancangan Peraturan Daerah (territory law program). Then Mamuju district DPRD (civil representative council) decided that July 14th, 1540 becoming the anniversary of Mamuju.

Things to see

In Mamuju, there are several things you can see like the exoticism of Manakkara Beach usually called as the losari of Mamuju (referring the Losari beach in Makassar). You can also see the beauty of Lombang-Lombang Beach with its 5 km away soft sandy beach line.

Things to do

There are many activities which will surely make you happy while in Mamuju district. You can swim and snorkel at Lombang-Lombang Beach or going around the city using typical pedicab of Mamuju. Unlik other pedicabs, one you can find in Mamuju is smaller than others you may find in other areas.

Things to eat

If you are in Mamuju, don't forget to taste Jintek, a food made of prawns sautened with high temperature. You can taste small durian (spiky fruit with particular taste and aroma) you can only find in August and September. There's also typical food of Mamuju you need to try.

Getting to MAMUJU

Flying to MAMUJU: MAMUJU is served by Tampa Padang Airport. Tampa Padang Airport is located about 30 km northeast from MAMUJU. A taxi into the city from Tampa Padang Airport would cost IDR 150.000. Read more about Tampa Padang Airport or look for flights to MAMUJU

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