Tunan Waterfall

Manado, Indonesia

Tunan Waterfall


Manado, a big city in North Sulawesi, is famous for its many interesting places nearby worth visiting. Beside National Park Bunaken of course, Manado has other places almost as beautiful as Bunaken. One of them is Tunan Waterfall. The place is located in Talawaan Vilage, North Minahasa District. The fall has an height of 85 m and has abundant water supply. Although this place has not been promoted heavily, it is visited by many tourists on holidays.

The atmosphere here is very harmonious: the waterfall is surrounded by lush green trees, this combined with the monotous sound of the waterfall will make you feel relaxed instantly. If you want you can swim in the pond under the waterfall. The pond is about 1.5 m deep, but be carefull as there are many slippery rocks around it, especially watch children closely.

You should prepare some things if you want to visit this place. First, you should bring a second set of clothes and second, prepare enough cash money because this place is far away from any ATM. Don't be afraid you will get hungry as there are many warungs selling foods and drinks for good price.

Transport options transport

The trip can be started form Manado or Sam Ratulangi Airport using private vehicle, rent car or public transportation. However, public transportation is difficult so best to rent a car or arrange a tour. If you want to use bus, go to Karombas Bus station. From there get a bus to Dimembe, from Dimembe you can continue to Tunan by ojek.

Alternately, renting a car would cost around IDR 250.000 for a day. By private or rented car, first drive form Manado to Dimembe passing the airport. When you arrive at a T-intersection between the airport and Dimembe, choose road to Dimembe. Then at second T-intersection turn left. From here follow the road until you will see the signs to Tunan Waterfall. You will need about 20 minutes to reach Tunan Waterfall from this village.

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