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Manila, an introduction


Manila is located in Luzon in Philippines. Manila is not visited by many travelers but there are still several interesting things to see here. We only have information about a few highlights around Manila though.

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Things to see and do near Manila

Airport at Manila

Manila is served by the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport of Manila (NAIA) is the main gateway to the Philippines. Located just a few kilometers south of the city centre it has been slowly surrounded by the Manila metropolitan area hampering future growth of the airport. With over 30 million passengers a year this airport is in top 50 of busiest airports in the world.

The airport is named after Senator Ninoy Aquino Jr. who was assassinated at the airport in 1983.

Although Clark International Airport in Angeles, 80km north of Manila, is not actually serving Manila, its lower airport fees make it more attractive for low-cost carriers. Most low-cost carriers fly to Clark instead of Ninoy Aquino International Airport and call it then Manila Clark... In the future though Clark will replace NAIA as the main Manila Airport.

The NAIA Airport of Manila has three terminals. Terminal 1 is the oldest and serves all international flights except those forPhilippine Airlinesand Cebu Pacific. The Terminal has outdated facilities and has been over capacity for decades.

Terminal 2, the Centennial Terminal, was completed in 1998 and is used exclusively by Philippine Airlines for both its domestic and international flights.

Terminal 3 or also called NAIA-3 is the newest and largest terminal of NAIA. Currently only Cebu Pacific (domestic and international) and Airphil Express (domestic) use it for their operations. The plan is to move all international flights from Terminal 1 to the new NAIA-3 but so far only All Nippon airways has moved its operations to this new terminal.

There is no shuttle service between the terminals leaving you to taxis and "jeepneys" to switch terminals.

Entering the city from the airport

Since Manila International Airport is so close to the city a taxi is quite affordable and the best choice. Outside the arrival area are the official yellow colored airport taxis. They will use a meter and starting fare is Php 70. Alternatively you can take the bus to downtown Manila, also departing in front of the arrival area.

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