Maumere Travel Guide


Maumere, an introduction


Maumere has world-famous tenun ikat (bundle weaving fabric). Maumere is also an area which always exports some commodities like cocoa, banana, copra and hazelnut. This city is located in Sikka district, Nusa Tenggara Timur province and also the eastern-side entrance gate to Flores Island for the biggest airport in Flores Island is located in this city.

Maumere History

Maumere is originally coming from Ende language, derived from 2 words, Ma’u which means port and Mere which means big. This name was first pronounced Moang Juang Korung Da Cunha was sent by the king of Sikka, Don Cosmo Semao Da Silva to guard and set Port Alok Wolokoli which was crowded by many merchants at that time. He then settled a settlement and a fort at a beach near to the bay curved beautifully with several islands clusters. Then he said that the area was Maumere, coming from Ende language which means big port.

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things to see

Things to see

Enjoy the enchantment of Wuring settlement, a fishermen settlement in Maumere with its original occupants are Bajo and Bugis tribe. We can see lots of traditional and phinisi ships, stage houses lied above the sea surface also traditional fish market. Come to Pangabatang Island to enjoy this inhabitted beautiful island. When you’re in this island, you’ll feel like visiting your private island. In Maumere there are also some small islands you can come to to enjoy its beautiful nature such as Sukun, Palue and Pemana Island. If you wan to see collections of historical things, you can come to Bikon Blewut Museum.

things to do

Things to do

Waiara Beach is a beach offering beautiful corals and kinds of sea-creatures known as Sea World Club. Some activities you can do are sborkeling and diving. If you want to surf, you can come to Koka Beach. This beach has typical wave suitable for surfing. If you seek for an adventure, you can go for hiking at Mount Egon. You can buy some famous kain tenun (weaving fabric) of Maumere in Sikka village and also see directly the process of making this fabric.

things to eat

Things to eat

Don’t forget to try wogi. Wogi is made of mbarase (small fish) caught in the southern sea of Paga and Wara village. Before this mbarase fish is cooked, first it has to be cleaned, mixed with salt and kept in a bottle for 2-3 days. Wogi is usually cooked with chili, basil, onion, ketchup and other seasoning making wogi condiment so delicious. Maumere is rich both in sea products and sea food like jerked tuna, shredded tuna and roasted fish typically from Maumere.

Things to see and do near Maumere

Airport at Maumere

Maumere is served by the Wai Oti Airport.

Wai Oti Airport (MOF), also known as Maumere Airport, is an airport serving Maumere, the largest town on the island of Flores, in the province of East Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia.

Entering the city from the airport

Maumere's Wai Oti Airport is 3km from the town, 800m off the Maumere-Larantuka road. A taxi to/from the town is Rp 22,000, or Rp 60,000 to the beach hotels in Waiterang. It's a 1km walk out of the airport to the Maumere-Larantuka road where you can hop on a bemo (Rp 2,000) into town.