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Horas!! That's the typical greeting of medan. This greeting is usually said loudly by people of Medan, the capital of Sumatera Utara Province. Medan is rich of many cultures as several several ethnic groups live here. The most prominent is the Batak tribe.

Medan History

Medan was a name of a village settled by Guru Patimpus Sembiring Pelawi in 1590 and located in Tanah Deli. The strategic location between 2 rivers, Deli and Babura, made the village becoming one busiest trading route and developed significantly. In 1641, Netherlands came to Deli led by Arent Patter. At first they came to Deli with the intention to take some slaves, but later the relationship between Netherlands and Deli was about mangrove plantation.

Things to see

There's a kasultanan palace in Medan named Maimun Palace which is also Kesultanan Deli. This palace has beutiful interior design the blend of Islam and Europe styles. Medan also has crocodile conservation named Buaya Asam Kumbang Park which is the biggest in Indonesia. You can see kinds of crocodile lived and breeded here.

Things to do

Medan is known well with the durian. There's even a specifis spot to shop durian of Medan. When you're in Medan, you must visit that spot. Ucok Durian is one main spots in Medan City. You will taste duran without any disappointment. After satisfied enjoying durian, you can go to Merdeka Walk, the most favorite place for youngsters to hang out. You can find various culinary you can find at Merdeka Walk. The most interesting place is the icon of Medan City, Lake Toba. You can do swimming, hiking and exploring Samosir Island located at the centre of the lake.

Things to eat

Have you ever heard bika ambon cake? There are many people think that this cake is originally from Ambon City. In fact, this cake is originally from Medan City and one of favorite gifts for tourists. Try also lontong medan. There are 2 kinds of lontong medan, lontong sayur (vegetable) and lontong pecel (vegetable with nut spice). One typical beverage in Medan is teh susu telor (egg-milk tea). This beverage is suitable to get your body warmer at night.

Getting to Medan

Flying to Medan: Medan is served by Kualanamu International Airport. Kualanamu International Airport is located about 35 km east from Medan. A taxi into the city from Kualanamu International Airport would cost IDR 150.000. Read more about Kualanamu International Airport or look for flights to Medan

A train to Medan: Medan is also reachable by train. The city has several train stations where long-distance trains stop: station Aekloba, station Bajalinggei, station Bandarkalipah, station Bandartinggi, station Batangkuis, station Dolokmerangir, station Hengelo, station Limapuluh, station Medan, station Membangmuda, station Padanghalaban, station Pamingke, station Perbaungan, station Perlanaan, station Puluraja, station Sei Bejangkar, station Tebing Tinggi.
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