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Gateway of India


The Gateway of India is a must-visit monument building when you are in Mumbai. It is a historical place located at the waterfront of Mumbai Harbor (also known as Apollo Bunder) in South Mumbai facing the Arabian Sea. The gateway is 26 meters high and construction started on March 31, 1911 in the British Raj reign to commemorate the visit to Mumbai by King George V and Quenn Marry. The construction was completed and inaugurated on December 4, 1924.

The gateway was designed by the Scottish architect George Wittet who combined the two main architectural styles of India: Muslim and Hindu. The Muslim style was applied to the gateway lay-out and the Hindu style was used in the decoration of the gateway. It has a rectangular shape and has hallways in the middle used for entry way.

There is open space around the gateway which can accommodate thousands of people. The Taj Mahal Hotel known for its stunning architecture is located near to this monument. From the nearby Mumbai Harbor you can continue your trip to the Elephanta Caves by ferry.

The Gateway of India was bombed by terrorists three times: twice in 2003 and once in 2008 but it did not affect the tourists' interest to visit. Presently, both locals and tourists visit here for the view, take photographs and hang out with friends in the surroundings of the monument. Food vendors are available as well at this place.

Transport options transport

The Gateway of India is about 30 km from Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Taxi is the easiest and fastest option to get to the monument but of course it is bit expensive, between Rs. 200-300. Alternatively, autorickshaws are available on the road outside the airport, you can get to Andheri Railway Station and for about Rs. 25. From the station you can take a fast train heading to Churchgate Station (Rs. 20) then continue to the gateway by taxi for around Rs. 100. Another way is to take the bus number 112 from Andheri Station which goes direct to the monument for Rs. 35 (non-AC) and Rs. 120 (AC)


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