Cubadak Island

Padang, Indonesia

Cubadak Island


Cubadak Island is one of many inhabitant small islands in West Sumatera, 24 miles away from Padang shores. The island is 5,749 km square and located at 1000m above sea level. Local people say that there was a 40 km square crater here. “Cubadak” is derived from Minang language which means jackfruit.

You can feel relaxed by clean air, bluish sea, mild wind breeze and shady coconut trees. Another specialty of this island is that there are some gorgeous diving spots. Cubadak island is known well as the paradise for divers.

This island has many colorful fishes and coral reefs. You can just relax and enjoy the view while sun-bathing on the beach. For adventurers, you can also explore the jungle in this island. there are many wild animals like monkeys, deers, hogs, birds, and many others. Due to those wild animals, visitors are suggested to be accompanied by guide while exploring the jungle.

There’s a hill you can hike. From the top of that hill, you’ll be able to see the beautiful perspective of the beach and sea. You can also see some small island clusters and sunset will make you stay there even longer.

For you who’d like to stay, there are some cottages built in both traditional and modern architecture. The cottage can be rented for about IDR 1,900,000 (foreigners) and IDR 900,000 ( domestics)

Mostly, this island is visited by foreign tourists. It’s because of the island is contracted by an Italian, Nanni Casalegno, for 30 years. The contract will be finished in 2027. He continuously promote this island to the world.

There was a German tourist made a documentary movie for this island. This documentary has become the magnet for Germans to come and visit. Some magazines also stated this island as ‘paradise’. Women’s magazine, Bild de Rau, stated that this island is the most silent and quiet island ever.

Transport options transport

You can take a flight heading to Minangkabau Airport, Padang. As you arrive there, continue your trip using public transportation to Carocok beach, painan town. Then head to Cubadak island for 20 minutes using speedboat. This speedboat can be rented for IDR 150,000. You can also go to Cubadak island via Mandeh port in Pesisir Utara district. From this port, you will have a trip less than 15 minutes by ship.

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