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Palangkaraya is the capital of Kalimantan Tengah Province. Palangkaraya is with an area of 2,678 square km the largest city in Indonesia when looking at land area. Recently, in the year 2010, some Jakarta politician had the idea to move the capital of Indonesia to Palangkaraya where there is still lots of space for development and traffic conditions are pretty good. The idea was shelved for the time being though.

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Near Palangkaraya is some beautiful nature to be found. At Bukit Batu (Stone Hill) you can learn the legend about by the big rocks spread over this hill. Or visit Tahai Lake with its red water. Local Dayak culture can best be seen at the majestic Rumah Betang. Rumah Betang is a house of the Dayak tribe where many families can live inside. In Palangkaraya the Rumah Betangc can be found on Jl. D.I. Panjaitan.

Things to do

A popular thing to do in Palangkaraya is the river cruise: a tour on the rivers and lakes nearby in a boat designed in traditional and modern mix. There are four different routes you can choose from. They are Pemancingan route (on Tundai Lake, Rungan Lake), Wisata route (on Kahayan River), Orang Utan route (passing Kaja Tangkiling Island) and Wisata Pilihan route (you can choose between Rawi Hill-Sandung and Surapati-Monkey Island).

Things to eat

The local delicacy is Juhu Singkah. Juhu Singkah, originally from the Dayak tribe, is made of umbut rotan and served with betok fish. The umbut rotan is taken from the jungle. There are also a variaty of fresh-water fishes you should have tried with some rice and sambal.

Getting to Palangkaraya

Flying to Palangkaraya: Palangkaraya is served by Tjilik Riwut Airport. Tjilik Riwut Airport is located about 5 km east from Palangkaraya. A taxi into the city from Tjilik Riwut Airport would cost IDR 60.000. Read more about Tjilik Riwut Airport or look for flights to Palangkaraya

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